IEEE Latest Omnet++ Papers

Serial Title Download
1.Energy Efficient UWB-WUR Dual-radio Solution for WBANs Download
2. Finite Integration Technique Based Channel Modeling on the WBAN Receiver Performance Evaluation Download
3.A Wireless Continuous Patient Monitoring System for Dengue : Wi- Mon Download
4.State Transition Latency Reduction Scheme in the LTE/LTE-A Radio Access Network Download
5.Traffic Management in LTE-WiFi Slicing Networks Download
6. Efficient Mobility Support for Content Delivery in Mobile Communications Download
7.SDN Enabled Resiliency in LTE Assisted Small Cell mmWave Backhaul Networks Download
8.Optimal Resource Allocation in Multicast Device-to-Device Communications Underlaying LTE Networks Download
9.Efficient Data Uploading Based on Network Coding in LTE-Advanced Heterogeneous Networks Download
10.Load Optimization with User Association in Cooperative and Load-Coupled LTE Networks Download
11.Cross-Network Performance Analysis of Network Coding Aided Cooperative Outband D2 Communications Download
12.Software Defined Networking to Support IP Address Mobility in Future LTE Network Download
13.Dynamic Path To Stability in LTE-Unlicensed with User Mobility: A Matching Framework Download
14. A Statistical Priority-based Scheduling Metric for M2M Communications in LTE Networks Download
15.Secure, LTE-based V2X Service Download
16.Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer for Cooperative Relay Networks with Battery Download
17.IoT-RTP and IoT-RTCP: Adaptive Protocols for Multimedia Transmission over Internet of Things Environments Download
18.Secure Data Access Control with Ciphertext Update and Computation Outsourcing in Fog Computing for Internet of Things Download
19. Automatic Queue Monitoring in Store Using A Low-Cost IoT Sensing Platform Download
20.Distribution of Bit Patterns on Multi-value Sequence over Odd Characteristics Field Download
21.Exploiting Interoperable Microservices in Web Objects Enabled Internet of Things Download
22.Web Objects Based Energy Efficiency for Smart Home IoT Service Provisioning Download
23.A Robust and Lightweight Name Resolution Approach for IoT Data in ICN Download
24.An IoT-based Smart Electric Heating Control System: Design and Implementation Download
25.Social Big Data based Content Dissemination in Internet of Vehicles Download

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