IEEE Latest NS3 Papers

Serial Title Download
1.A New WSN Deployment Approach for Air Pollution Monitoring Download
2. Routing Protocols for Video Surveillance Drones in IEEE 802.11s Wireless Mesh Networks Download
3.Regression Based Cluster Formation for Enhancement of Lifetime of WSN Download
4.Power Efficient RACH mechanism for Dense IoT Deployment Download
5.Next Generation ITS Implementation Aspects in 5G Wireless Communication Network Download
6. Novel proposal for V2X systems and WBAN cooperation to improve road safety Download
7.Mitigating False Negative Intruder Decisions in WSN-based Smart Grid Monitoring Download
8.Distributed Cell Scheduling for Multichannel IoT MAC Protocols Download
9.A Street-Centric QoS-OLSR Protocol for Urban Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks Download
10.Evaluation of Capabilities of Open Source Cognitive Radio Network Simulators Download
11.Transmission-Rate-Adaption Assisted Energy-efficient Resource Allocation with QoS Support in WBANs Download
12.Improving Reliability of Emergency Data Frame Transmission in IEEE 802.15.6 Wireless Body Area Networks Download
13.A Sub-1V, 2.8dB NF, 475ìW Coupled LNA for Internet of Things Employing Dual-Path Noise and Nonlinearity Cancellation Download
14. System Reliability Modeling Considering Correlated Probabilistic Competing Failures Download
15.Monitoring dynamic mobile ad-hoc networks: A fully Distributed Hybrid Architecture Download
16.Development of MANET Network Model for Space Environment in NS3 Download
17.Software Defined Networking to Support IP Address Mobility in Future LTE Network Download
18.Double-NAT Based Mobility Management for Future LTE Networks Download
19. Reliable Relay: Autonomous Social D2D Paradigm for 5G LoS Communications Download
20.Cooperatively Learning Footprints of Multiple Incumbent Transmitters by Using Cognitive Radio Networks Download
21.In silico screening of small molecule modulators of Zika vir us proteins Download
22.Performance Study of CAM over IEEE 802.11p for Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control Download
23.New Strategy of Probabilistic Flooding with Fuzzy & Rough Sets Techniques Download
24.Network Performance Evaluation of M2M With Self Organising Cluster Head to Sink Mapping Download
25.Design of transmission manager in heterogeneous WSNs Download

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