Networking Research Paper Writing for PhD

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1. Reason to choose research on networking

Networking enhances flexibility and functionality in any working environment. When we speak in terms of computer networking, currently it is covering vast areas right from offices to pocket devices. It also offers a vast area to study, to do networking research paper writing for phd scholars and discover it.

But, Ph.D. scholars have to face strict guidelines and time restrictions to present a research paper.

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2. Functions of networking

Networking makes sharing easy. With computer networking, file exchange becomes super fast and also the area of sharing is widen. Data encapsulation, resource sharing, and administration get handy with networking.

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3. Types of computer networking
To discover the areas of presenting your Networking research paper writing for PhD let's overlook the types of computer networking.

LAN - Local Area Network

PAN - Personal Area Network

MAN - Metropolitan Area Network

WAN - Wide Area Network

4. Advantages and disadvantages

Networking comes with some advantages and disadvantages.

Networking offers several sharing devices that make the exchange of files easier.

Security, data backup, cost-effectiveness are several benefits offered by networking. Every coin has two sides similarly, networking had flaws such as managing a large network becomes complicated. Sometimes a server may break down, has to face some cyber-attacks.

5. Why paper writing on networking

As mention earlier, networking is the hot potato in research as well as the marketing industry.

Networking offers a wide area to study and it's interesting to know the functionality of networking devices.

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