IEEE Latest Matlab Papers

Serial Title Download
1.A multimedia tool as an educational support for children in art learning: Looking the world through a Fauve eye Download
2. Movie Piracy Tracking using Temporal Psychovisual Modulation Download
3.Secure Extraction of Image Data based on Optimized Transform Method Download
4.Random Graphic User Password Authentication Scheme in Mobile Devices Download
5.Application of Augmented Reality Technology to Promote Interactive Learning Download
6. A New Storage Approach on the Original Cadastral Maps by Multi-View Image Processing Technology Download
7.A novel algorithm of detecting document area of mobile images Download
8.Evaluation of Computational Efficiency on Image-Block Cutting Area in Stitching Orthophoto Download
9.Power Line Detect System Based on Stereo Vision and FPGA Download
10.A Power Efficient System Design Methodology Employing Approximate Arithmetic Units Download
11.Multispectral imaging and machine learning for automated cancer diagnosis Download
12.A sub-mW IoT-endnode for always-on visual monitoring and smart triggering Download
13.Bidimensional Distribution Entropy to Analyze the Irregularity of Small-sized Textures Download
14. Hyperspectral Anomaly Detection Using Outlier Removal from Collaborative Representation Download
15.Introducing a New Method of Image Reconstruction against Crop Attack Using Sudoku Watermarking Algorithm Download
16.Introducing a New Method Robust Against Crop Attack In Digital Image Watermarking Using Two-Step Sudoku Download
17.Embedding and Extracting Two Separate Images Signal in Salt & Pepper Noises in Digital Images based on Watermarking Download
18.Approximate DCT Image Compression using Inexact Computing Download
19. A Low-Noise CMOS Image Sensor With Digital Correlated Multiple Sampling Download
20.Localization of Diffusion-based Inpainting in Digital Images Download
21.Example-based Image Colorization using Locality Consistent Sparse Representation Download
22.Architecture of an Ultrasound System for Continuous Real-time High Frame Rate Imaging Download
23.Robust Web Image Annotation via Exploring Multi-facet and Structural Knowledge Download
24.ESIM: Edge Similarity for Screen Content Image Quality Assessment Download
25.Deep Learning Hierarchical Representations for Image Steganalysis Download

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