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PhD Academy combines industry expertise with tech genius to implement our latest inventives for our students.


Omnet++ is new and emerging technology.Omnet ++ is used to simulate both wired and wireless network.


NS3 is trending technology today.NS3 is Network Simuator 3 that helps us to simulate more real time examples.


NS2 is Network Simulator 2 which is more flexible and understandable programming language.


Cooja is new java based Simulating tool helps to simulate a computer to act as another computer.


Matlab is well known and flexible Software. Matlab is used to do many algorithms,image processing algorithms, etc.


Java is understandable and helps to do project in data mining, cloud computing, many other applications


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Our Process

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How to meet the requirement

We are quite long time in this field to meet the requirements of PhD Scholars , MS Scholars and students.
Acheiving the requirement of clients need keen and deep knowledge on that field.

Topic Selection

Topic selection is an important task in project development. We have to select new and interesting topic. And the topic should use the emerging technology.

Reference Paper

Once the topic is selected we have to start doing research on the topic. We will help you to collect the reference papers on that topic and do study about existing systems

Proposed work

We will get idea when we do the research on the topic.So we know what are disadvantages of existing work and so we could select the novel algorithm for proposed work.

Acheive Requirement

We could make a implementation plan on the proposed work and we can design the algorithm for implementation to get the required goal.

Our Skills

NS3 PhD Projects
Matlab PhD Projects
Omnet++ PhD Projects
NS2 PhD Projects

Our History

We have completed up to 275 projects on 2016 and among that 72 projects were based on wireless communication

Wireless communication is emerging technology nowadays. We do simulations on wireless communication using Omnet ++, NS3, NS2,etc

We successfully completed 173 projects on 2015.We are happy to inform that we satisfied all our clients.

In particular we have done projects on Wireless (personal area networks), Wireless (Mesh Network), cellular network (mobile network)

We have completed about 164 projects on 2014. We have experienced PhD staffs who can guide you to complete you PhD works.

By this year we have guided more than 50 PhD scholars to complete their Phd works on Internet Of Things, Vehicular Adhoc network, etc.

About 159 projects were completed by the year 2013. Among that 39 PhD works, 20 MS works, 12 thesis work were completed.

We do projects on IOT, Vehicular Adhoc Network, Mobile Adhoc Network, Wireless body area network, etc.


PhD Academy is ISO /IEC 12207 standardization software company .We are maintaining the standardization due to customer requirements fulfilled satisfaction more than 6000 projects in various journals like PhD, M.E, M.S, B.Tech .
Our economy price strategy could help scholars and students to achieve their development work. Please welcome 24*7 whatsapp ,Mail or Phone calls. We can design the price through whatsapp ( +91 8903084693)
Unless scholars satisfied we are giving support through our technical team. If any modification related to work please inform us we are ready to do the work. We will support you until complete the final project submission.

Our Acheivements

We make good quality projects.Because of awesome experienced team we completed the below projects Projects
MS projects
PhD projects
Website designing

Pricing Table

Our pricing policies are very economic and systamatic. Pricing related quieries please send message +91 8903084693 ( call or Whatsapp) or E mail -

  • $300-$425
    Writing Services
  • Paper Writing
  • Thesis Writing
  • Dissertation writing
  • Journal writing
  • 100% Plagiarism
  • 24/7 SUPPORT
  • $225-$450
    Master Thesis Work
  • MS Projects
  • Post Graduate Work
  • M.Tech Projects
  • M.E Projects
  • Master Research work
  • 24/7SUPPORT
  • $475-$825
    PhD thesis Works
  • PhD in wireless communications
  • PhD in Digital Image Processing
  • PhD in Cloud Computing
  • PhD in Data mining
  • PhD in VANET
  • PhD in Internet of Things (IOT)
  • $150-$525
    Website Development
  • E commerce Website
  • CMS Based dynamic Website
  • Mobile Application
  • IOS Application
  • SEO Packages for Business
  • SEO(Onsite & Offsite)