Our Focus on during manuscript preparation:

  1. Selecting journal for your paper
  2. Journal Style guide
  3. Novel Idea preparation and acceptance form reviewers
  4. Improving methodology when writing paper

When to Select Journal Paper:

  1. Our target is choose the journal before write a article
  2. We should address our audience
Knowing your audience will help to select the journal and style of journal paper format.

For Example: if our article is on an aspect of Computer Network security then you can select below link.


What sort of paper is our article?

Where the article is Quantitative or Qualitative .Journal scope usually given on the imprint page of the journal site

For Example:

The scope gives information about the mission of the journal and describe the nature of the journal.

What sort of Journal style Guides we will follow :

A journal guideline will provide you all the information about writing and presenting a paper.

  1. Maximum length of the paper
  2. Referencing Style
  3. Length and essence of abstract
  4. Number of Keywords
  5. Presence of table and graphs
  6. Author and Reference Details

For Example :

Our assurance to paper acceptance:

  1. We will support Peer review process.
  2. Our support team will respond you immediately
  3. The reviewer will not accept outright so they may review some minor revisions.

Our strong reasons to accept the research paper:

  1. We have written the paper according to the scope of the journal.
  2. Our paper does contribute novel idea about the specific discipline
  3. Our research paper does meet established ethical standard
  4. Our research paper has been written according to the journal guidelines and presentation.
  5. Our paper describes strong research study
  6. An adequate research on specific topic

Our research paper writing experts will support below journals.

Latest SCI Journal List Sci journals pdf

IEEE Journal List with Publication Cost Ieee pdf

Elsevier Journal

Springer Journal


Taylor and Francis-

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