IOT based projects :

What is IOT (Internet Of Services)?

The devices like smart phones, tablet, sensors are connected by means of internet is called internet of things. The devices like machines in production plants, cars, oil drills and wearable devices are connected and they exchange data between them. Behind IOT machine to machine communication technology is followed.

Applications of IOT based projects:

  • Media
  • Agriculture
  • Medical and healthcare
  • Energy management
  • Transportation
  • Building and home automation
  • Consumer application
  • Metropolitan scale deployments


IOT based projects contributed many useful information for agriculture. The wireless sensor nodes can monitor the environmental condition and the sensed information can be stored directly on users mobile phone. With the help of this we can monitor humidity, temperature, rainfall, soil humus, wind speed, pest infection , etc.

Medical and Healthcare:

With the help of Internet of things we can remotely monitor health condition of patient. The health information includes heart beat rate, blood pressure, body temperature, etc the sensors monitors all these information and sends the information to the doctor with the help of internet


IOT helps to communicate between sensors so vehicles on road can communicate with other vehicle . It assist us to control the traffic, know information about emergency services, smart parking , safety , vehicle control and assistance on road. The vehicles can communicate within itself and other controllers like road side unit.

Internet of things can be connected by means of wireless communication and wired communication. The wireless communication includes short range, long range, medium rage wireless communication. For wired communication the devices are connected by means of ethernet cable.

For students , implementing iot based projects we can use some simulations and create the scenario similar to the original and we can find the capacity of the system, how the system will be useful , how much time the energy of the WSN are maintained can be calculated. For queries about IOT based projects mail us.

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