PhD in cyber security:

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is also called as IT security or Information Technology Security. It is the technique of protecting networks, computers, data and programs from unauthorized attacks which may lead to exploitation.

Areas Covered by Cyber Security:

  • Information Security
  • Network Security
  • Disaster recovery
  • Application Security

Information Security:

Information security is the security that protects the information from unauthorized people in order to avoid identity threat to secure privacy. The techniques that used to perform information security are cryptography, authentication & authorization of user, Identification.

Network Security:

Network security is the process of ensuring the safety, integrity, usability, reliability of network. A good network security targets many types of threats and stops them to enter into network or spreading in the network. Components of network security includes

  • Firewall in order to block the unauthorized entry of the network
  • anti spyware, Anti-virus
  • To secure remote access VPN (Virtual Private Networks)
  • To find fast-spreading threats like zero-hour attacks or zero-day (IPS) Intrusion prevention systems

Disaster recovery

Disaster recovery is the process which includes establishing priorities , performing risk assessment and develops recovery plan in case if any disaster occurs. A business should have a strong recovery plan to recover their business in case of any disaster. So that the business can be recovered as quick as possible.

Application Security:

Application security is the security that taken during the development or life cycle of development of any application from threats that occurs due to design flaw, development flaw, deployment flaw, maintenance or upgrading the application. The techniques that helps to provide application security are

  • logging and auditing
  • Parameter validation
  • Parameter manipulation
  • Exception handling
  • Session management
  • User Authentication

Cyber security is the way of protecting the computer from any type of unauthorized access. Many new types of Viruses are spreading on computer. So cyber security needs to be strong and updated always. Doing PhD in cyber security helps to evolve novel approaches in cyber security. People widely chooses PhD in cyber security across the world. We guide people from Australia, Singapore, Iran, Iraq, Malaysia, London, USA, European Countries, United Arab Emirates, etc to do PhD in Cyber Security. Any doubt on PhD in Cyber Security mail us.

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